BDS adds to its lineup of lift kits and accessories for the new 2019 Ford Ranger with new 2.5” lift systems designed to lift and level the stance with clearance for larger tires. Designed as a new performance option this 2.5” systems offers many of the benefits of the 3.5” systems designed to offer optimal performance for on and offroad use without causing issues as with other “leveling kits" on the market. These new 2.5” systems build off the factory suspension mounting points offering improved ground clearance and wheel travel while retaining the ride quality and allowing clearance for up to 33-34” tires to be installed. As with all BDS lift kits, these new kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for piece of mind wherever your adventures may take you. Factory Protection Plus includes BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty, ESC system compatibility and a 5-year 60,000-mile drivetrain warranty.

Kit Features:

 - Combination strut/preload spacers to lift without overextending angles.

 - Differential relocation to correct CV operating angle while retaining use of factory skid plate

 - Lifts and levels vehicle stance with room for 33-34” tires

 - NX2 or FOX 2.0 rear gas shocks included

BDS Suspension adds new 2.5” lift systems to their ever-expanding lineup for the 2019 Ford Ranger. This new system builds off the factory suspension mounting points and offers improved strength, ground clearance and suspension travel. All components have been engineered in unison to ensure suspension and drivetrain geometry is maintained, rather than other “ leveling kits” on the market that just throw in a top spacer which maxes out the angles at droop. The new ride height is the result of a combination of a specially designed top mounted steel fabricated strut spacer in conjunction with a  preload spacer for a total 2.5” of front lift. The reason for the combination is to achieve the correct ride height without increasing the overall extended length of the strut assembly too the point of causing premature wear of the CV axle boots and other front end components. To further ensure proper drivetrain geometry the front differential is repositioned using relocation brackets. These brackets correct CV axle angle while allowing the use of the factory front skid plates. In the rear the factory shocks are replaced with your choice of precision tuned NX2 gas or FOX 2.0 performance IFP gas shocks for improved damping. 

Optional accessories include the BDS performance upper control arm (UCA) kit and the soon to be released 1” HD rear shackle kit. All kits come finished in a durable black e-coat finish and sent with all hardware packs to complete the install along with step-by-step installation instructions. All BDS kits include Factory Protection Plus for the ultimate extended warranty to include BDS’s No Fine Print Warranty, ESC System compatibility and a 5year-60mile drivetrain warranty to match the dealer. Improve the look and capability of your 2019 Ford Ranger with these new 2.5” lift systems from BDS Suspension.


2019 Ford Ranger 4WD

Kit Info:

#1546H - 2.5” Lift Kit w/ NX2 rear shocks - $341.12 jobber 

#1546FS - 2.5” Lift Kit w/ FOX rear shocks - $496.96 jobber 

Rec’d Wheel/Tire:

285/70r17 Tires on OE 17” Wheels

285/65r18 Tires on OE 18” Wheels

*other sizes can be used, trimming may be necessary

Available Accessories:

#123252 - Performance UCA Kit

#123109 - 1” Rear Shackle Kit - (will be released later this week)

#98224880 - FOX 2.0 Rear Shock (2 req’d)

Important Kit Notes:

 - Aftermarket wheels must have a minimum of 93.1mm center hub bore.

 - Tires wider than 285/70r17 or 285/65r18 cannot be installed on factory wheels due to steering knuckle clearance.

 - Strut disassembly required, high quality wall mounted strut compressor and skilled technician recommended

Kit Breakdowns:
BDS1546H BDS1546FS
Jobber: $341.12 Jobber: $496.96
Box Kit # Qty Description Box Kit # Qty Description
BDS013240 1 2.5” Main Box Kit BDS013240 1 2.5” Main Box Kit
BDS85880 2 NX2 Rear Gas Shock BDS98224880 2 FOX 2.0 Rear Shock   

Posted on 07-02-2019