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BDS Suspension RECOIL Traction Bars for Toyota Tundra


Recoil Traction Bars for 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra

BDS 2007-2016 RECOIL Traction Bars for Toyota Tundra

BDS Suspension adds to its lineup of RECOIL traction bars with new kits designed specifically for the 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra trucks. Similar to existing kits, these patent pending traction bars use heavy wall construction and a full floating design that won't bind up the suspension during articulation. The new mounting kit is built from 1/4" steel and is an easy bolt-on install only requiring a few holes to be drilled at the frame. At one end, the bars use a forged flexed end that can be adjusted to load or unload the 3000lb rated compression spring at the other end. This revolutionary design controls axle wrap and give your Tundra better traction when towing, racing, 4wheeling or daily driving on the road. These traction bars will fit stock and lifted trucks.

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